Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Exclusive Mix: Marcus Intalex & DRS

As the due date creeps ever closer and the anticipation for the forthcoming debut album from DRS reaches fever pitch, the dnb scene MC numero uno has hooked up with Soul:R boss man, master DJ and proud golfing enthusiast Marcus Intalex to create a (seriously awesome) mix exclusively for Data Transmission. The album launch of DRS's I Don't Usually Like MCs But... LP will be celebrated in fitting style at the next A Bunch of Cuts, with Mr Intalex and DRS inviting album producer Dub Phizix and fellow collaborators Calibre, S.P.Y and dBridge down for the party, with further top line support from old hands Doc Scott and Klute. For more info on the event: http://www.datatransmission.co.uk/ViewEvent/23916/

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