Thursday, 29 January 2009

mikey d.o.n and konny kon soundclash

This clash took place in manchester in 2004.dawn penn was headlining and then it was war time!Mikey D.O.N(Krispy) and me had a radio show around that time called 'Everytin Nice show' and we got offered to clash Dom(blood and fire).so it was us versus Dom and Country Culture on the mic.I've only got the first two Everytin Nice sets hopefully ill get more.The mic sounds mad loud but its just cos it was gettin real rowdy up in there!shoulda seen when i started wheelin off my garnet silks!pow!!!!

part 1(setting it off playing some familiar shit)

part 2(check the lyrics on the first track! BURIAL)


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

strategy mutv interview with goldie

As you may or may not know, STraTS has recently started working for Manchester United Television interviewing various celebrities, players and musicians for the channel.
His first programme was a half hour special interviewing drum n bass pioneer-Goldie.
Watch as we take a tour of his house looking at his one of a kind motorbike, snakes, studio, clothes collection and artwork then travel up to Old Trafford to watch United play in the Champions League.

I realise some of you are far from fans of United but I have worked double hard for this so if you are a proper mate you will watch it anyway. Besides, it makes for good viewing wether you support the club or not.
As always, any feedback is greatfully accepted. let us know what you reckon.
The whole programme is shown over 3 ten-minute parts below.
Check it out.




Working on a new series called "Man United Mixtapes" coming out later this year, some absolutely BIG things coming up for it.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

konny kon sunday g.o.a.t reggae mix

only to be listened to on a sunday or when the suns out(alright, i know i know).anyway have a listen got a few more mixes lying around,some 80s/early 90s dancehall and some 70s mixes to come.this mix features tracks from garnett silk,capleton,bushman,sizzla,george nooks,luciano,morgan heritage,anthony b,buju banton,beenie man,freddie mcgregor,sanchez,peter spence,v.c,gregory isaacs,marlon asher and a whole heap more .give a shout on the chat box if you take a listen.broke n english in the oh-nine ok here is a another mix i did .focusing more on the 70s/early 80s.featuring artists such as dennis brown,freddie mcgregor,burning spear,culture,,frankie paul,bob marley,lloyd parks,jacob miller,triston palmer,ken boothe,cocoa tea,otis gayle,al campbell,cornell campbell,junior byles etc. put your speakers on loud turn up your bass to 11 and tell your neighbors go suck ya muddah.broke n english aint playing no games in the zero nine.more mixes when i can be arsed.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Happy new year...this is a demo show we did a few years ago for when we were trying for our own show on bbc 1xtra.we had covered various shows and had been asked to do a demo.this is what we handed in featuring tracks from mobb deep,common,jehst,cappo,beanie siegal,peedie crack,papoose,steve spacek,de la,anthony hamilton,jagged edge,buju banton,black rob,milano,nas,cormega and more... all the best for two double zero nine