Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Skittles - Poor with £100 trainers sampler

Manchester based lyricist/producer SKITTLES has been making tidal waves in world music over the past 12 months both in the studio and on the stage. Out on Broke N English own Estate Recordings he returns with a long awaited album that will be remembered for time, 'skittles' Poor with £100 trainers' . Production duties are taken care of by SKITTLES himself along with few collaborations with the likes of DUB PHIZIX, DRS and CHIMPO. features come from man like MR FOX (fresh from his cameo on the ZED BIAS & OMAR damager 'Dance') and FALlACY (Black market boy, groundbreaker, big & bashy), "THE NEXT TO BLOW" (Mixmag jan2012) "METHODICAL, DARKLY TOPICAL & FUNNY WITH PINPOINT RYTHMIC PRESISION" (Kmag oct2011) "SKITTLES IS AMAZING" (Mary Anne Hobbs jan2012) "ONE OF THE BEST WRITERS OF OUR TIME" (The Guardian dec2011) "YOU CANT MESS WID DIS" (Goldie march2012) "TOP NOTCH LYRICS AND PRODUCTION, BIG SUPPORT FROM ME!" (Mr. Scruff march2012) "I'VE GOT A FEELIN' THIS KIDS GONNA DO SUTTIN" (Charlie Sloth nov2011)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Strategy-Bleep Test Video

Here's the another video from Strategys mixtape PreSeasonTraining, produced by Dub Phizix.if you haven't already downloaded it,get it free futher down the page!