Wednesday, 29 October 2008

broke n english ' terms n conditions mixtape '

first post! its konny kon im gonna put up the first post and its a freebie! I spoke to strategy and we decided that we'd put up broke n english's first mixtape(actually it was on cd and not actullay mixed but in 2009 its what it is)ill try and upload the tracks seperatly later cos im new to all this shit(whats up phat pat!)
It dropped 2005 and featured all new tracks by strategy and drs as well as guests ,fallacy,gudz,johnny chimpo and my self.heres the link.please burn it, pass it on to your friends,play to your mum,listen in your car but do not listen on your mobile on the back of the bus on your phone,because strategy didnt spend days on end, sitting in front the computer mixing it down so you could annoy old people on the number 86 with your tinny nokia phone speaker! download link-- terms n condition free download
Welcome to the new Broke'n'£nglish blog.We're going to use this to upload our music and any other shit we like so please keep checking reguarly and let other peeps know about it who might be interested.Any ideas questions give us a shout:-
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