Thursday, 27 January 2011


We have monthly jam in manchester that aint a club night its a just a party on some real mancunian business.Fuck the posing fuck the expensive djs and fuck the ket!We're on the last thursday of the month at mint lounge.Its usually £2 in and for that you might get free cds,teeshirts,drinks if ya in the front row and good music!fuck all the fraud shit out here come be part of the peoples party..

Sunday, 9 January 2011


WOW i dont get the time i need to get on this blog anymore.props to anyone whos still visting.ok in 2011 i promise ill try and bring you some more music from the crew.anyway i been using this record at shows just rhyming straight over it.the verses are off another track that im not sure will see the light of day..

all that euro techno shit you guys are rhyming over is cool but ill just do me!
have a listen let me know what you think.and also if any of the links are down on the blog let me know and ill try to re-up them

Konny Kon-Wind Parade dub by KONNY KON

konny kon