Thursday, 19 April 2012

KONNY video

360 rapper tag phenomenon A whole cast of Australian rappers have got on board recently with a new phenomenon called Rapper Tag. It was started by Melbourne based MC 360, who based it on the 'Rap Tag Game' that came from US rapper Ramzo. 360 explained to the Doctor how he kicked it off. "I recorded a video of myself. We got a beat made by a guy called Stylaz Fuego and I recorded a 16 bar verse about rapper-tag and then at the end of it I tagged someone to rap next. So I tagged Urthboy then he did his thing and then he tagged Brad Strut and so on and so forth." its now reached the uk with artists such as Jehst, Rodney P,Mystro and Blak Twang. Cappo tagged Konny Kon, find out who he tags... please share the vid wherever you can!

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