Tuesday, 19 May 2009

over to you!

sorry there hasnt beeen much posted on here just thought id update on a few things.DRS has a solo mixtape he has done which will be free to download from this site just waiting for him to email me it!also a new broke n english album is in the works as well as a few mixtapes.my album is in the production stages.
hopefully we should be starting a new radio show in the next couple of weeks which will be on the f.m in manchester and streaming online aswell.ill also post up shows on here once theyre recorded.if anyone has any old shows from when we used to do the pirate shows in manchester id really apreciate you getting me a copy.also any broke n english photos/videos/audio of shows or tracks your willing to share would be a good look!if you have any requests for stuff on here or anything to contribute hit me up at dotkon@hotmail.com or on facebook(im on there as konny kon)thanks for being patient more music to come soon!

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